What should I do if I receive a check in the mail?

Once you initiate a transfer, Manifest transfer specialists work with your old provider to send a check directly to your new provider. Unfortunately, the policy of some providers in the retirement industry is to mail the check to you, which you then must mail to your new provider.

But we’ve got your back! We'll send you all the materials needed to help make this process as easy as possible. Once the check is mailed to your new account, your transfer will be 100% complete. 

Following the initiation of your transfer, you'll receive an envelope in the mail from us. You only need to use this envelope if you receive a check in the mail. 

This envelope will contain:

  • A smaller envelope with attached postage addressed to your new provider.
  • Any applicable forms your specific provider requires
  • Detailed instructions on how to proceed if you receive a check in the mail. The instructions are also listed below. 

If you receive a check in the mail:

Match the name on the check with the name on the smaller envelope we sent — and drop it in the mail. The envelope should already contain postage and your return address. Do not endorse the check.
Log in to usemanifest.com: 
  1. Tap "Track progress." 
  2. Confirm that you mailed your check. 
We’ll notify you when your transfer is complete!

Since this is a direct transfer, the check is made to your destination provider — no one else can deposit it. If the check is lost or misplaced, no need to panic — our team will make sure a new one is issued. 

We’re here if anything comes up. You can reach out to our transfer specialists directly at support@usemanifest.com and check the status of your transfer by logging into Manifest.

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