What happens if my provider requires a phone transfer?

Manifest's goal is to work with providers to automate the transfer process completely, making the transfer process completely seamless for you. Unfortunately, some providers require identity verification before they'll accept or initiate a transfer. While this is a good thing for your assets and their security, it does require an extra step with us.

If you receive an email from us asking you to schedule a time for a phone transfer, it's because we will need you on the phone for a few minutes with a representative from your provider before we can complete your transfer. Don't worry, this requires no extra effort on your part other than getting on the phone! Once you schedule a time to meet with us, you'll be assigned a Transfer Specialist from Manifest who will work with you to complete the transfer.

On the day of your transfer, your Transfer Specialist will reach out with specific instructions, which are also available below.

How will the phone transfer process begin? 

Your Transfer Specialist give you a call at your scheduled time with a representative of your provider also on the line. 

What does the user need to prepare for the phone transfer?

Nothing! Your Transfer Specialist should have all the information necessary to complete this transfer. You will be asked basic questions about your account to verify your identity.

How long does the phone transfer take?

If there are no specific delays (account information updates, etc), the phone transfer will take 15-20 minutes. 

During the phone call, what steps need to be followed?

You will be asked to verify your identity and confirm the transfer details. We will try our best to have you drop off the call as soon as possible once you verify your identity and authorize your Transfer Specialist to continue with your transfer - this can vary from representative to representative. In certain cases you might have to initiate the transfer online during the call, the representative will guide you accordingly.

You may be asked at some point if you’d like to waive your 30-day waiting period. Answer “Yes”! The waiting period is intended to help with taxation issues. As we’re doing a direct rollover, there are no taxable implications!

Are any other pieces of information needed after the phone call?

Usually no. If there is anything, we will reach out to you with further information.

If you need to reschedule your call, please reach out to our transfer specialists directly at support@usemanifest.com or reschedule via our Manifest App.

The frequently asked questions, or FAQs, are intended to be helpful and to get you thinking in a more sophisticated manner about your account transfer and related issues. However, these are not meant for accounting, tax, finance, or legal advice, not intended to be exhaustive, and do not create any relationship or duty on our part to assist your particular situation. We offer no warranties on the accuracy or completeness of the information as there could be developments of any kinds, including, but not limited to, any changes in relevant laws and regulations.