What happens after I initiate a transfer with Manifest?

When you initiate a transfer with Manifest, our transfer specialists immediately get to work. We verify your transfer details and take the necessary steps to submit your rollover to your old provider, we help track your rollover every step of the way.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Verify information

Manifest’s transfer specialists run through a rigorous checklist to make sure your transfer is ready to submit to your provider:
  • Verify accounts - Confirm that accounts are categorized correctly (Roth vs. Traditional)
  • Confirm balances - Flag any low balances and outstanding loans for cash out risks
  • Check securities - Flag any investments that may be at risk of losing value through a transfer
If we need any other information or require action on your part, we’ll reach out to you through email. Our Transfer Specialists are trained to identify any missing information or potential issues with your accounts.

Step 2. Communicate with providers

Although Manifest is digital, many retirement account providers still require paperwork to be submitted to start the rollover process. Don’t worry, our Transfer Specialists organize your transfer information and ensure that all necessary paperwork is ready for you.
Since plans vary from employer to employer, first we communicate with your provider to review your specific scenario, researching information about eligibility, vesting, and lock up periods. We then make sure your transfer is organized and prepared, before beginning the transfer process.

Step 3. Take necessary steps to initiate and complete your transfer

Each provider initiates and accepts rollovers differently, so Manifest makes it easy for you by taking charge of the steps necessary. This can include: filing forms on your behalf, communicating with your provider to ensure a successful transfer, and contacting you for further steps needed on your behalf. Your provider might need to directly verify your identity over the phone - if that is required, we will schedule a call with you and make the process as quick and painless as possible!
Once a transfer has been verified and initiated, our Transfer Specialists track the transfer until your assets successfully arrive in your destination account. This means that if an issue arises while working with your providers, we will identify it and work with you to take the necessary steps to finish your transfer as quickly as possible.

Step 4. Track transfer

To fulfill your transfer, your old account provider may mail you a check directly—or they may send it directly to your destination account provider. This can take upwards of 14 days. But we’ve got your back. We send you a mailing packet with envelopes and pre-filled information to make this final step easier. If you do get a check, just put it in the envelope and drop it in the mail.
We may contact you at times to ask about the progress of your transfer, this is to to ensure everything is processing correctly.
Don’t hesitate to log in to Manifest to track the progress of your transfer or contact us at support@usemanifest.com

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